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User Agent Switcher

Welcome to User Agent Switcher

Thank you for installing and using our extension

Key Features:

Ever wanted to know how your website looks like in different browsers/different operating systems? Try using our software now. Our software allows you to switch your user agent so you can see how the website looks like in other browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox. We also support the Android operating system as well as Apple OS.

Once you load the website with different user agents, our software can also help you take screenshots of how the website looks like and allows you to save these screenshots onto your Google Drive. This software is very useful for debugging/ensuring your website looks good in all browsers.

All operations available right in your browser!


1. Install and open.

- After install the extension You click icon

- To change your User Agent, simply click on the desired useragent, selected UA is marked with border

This software is inspired by Open Source User-Agent Switcher